Top 5 Basketball Shoes in 2015

Getting the right basketball shoes can prove to be a challenge at times. You might pick a shoe based on appearance yet when it comes to performance and durability,it will completely let you down. Below is a quick guide on what to look out for in a basketball shoe.

Style & uniqueness

Don't we all love to look stylish? A basic basketball shoe must look stylish and appealing.The shoe should be able to make your buddies jealous of you and if they are not jealous of your shoe then its probably not that good looking. If you have trouble finding a unique shoe, you can order a custom one to be made for you.

Cushioning, stability support and breathability

A good basketball shoe will need to have good cushioning considering the jumping up and down during the game. Stability is also key for a basketball shoe as it can affect how you play, you should consider heel,ankle support and lacing system when looking for stability in a shoe. During the game,you are likely to sweat,so you should select a shoe made of breathable material.


A basic basketball shoe should be durable and not easily worn out regardless of the surface you are playing on.

Using the above points, I came up with a list of the top 5 basketball shoes in 2015 that guarantee you all of the above qualities. The list is completely based on my own preferences and opinion. They are ranked starting from the first to the last.

1. Air Jordan Flight 97 Basketball Sneaker

It just had to be a Jordan in top position, everybody knows a Jordan or two unless they've just come out of a cave. This shoe is the most famous basketball shoe on earth currently and it was inspired by the best basketball player of all time,Michael Jordan. This shoe has a classic style with a mid-foot strap for both support and securing the laces. These shoe have been tested and proven to be the best basketball shoe for more than two decades ago till now,it is the most recommended shoe for a serious basketball player. They cost between $80-$215 depending on your shoe size and the store you buy it from.

2. Nike Zoom Hyperflight Premium Basketball Shoes

The Nike zoom hyperflight premium basketball shoes are high quality and well designed shoes that are very reactive due to the traction of their sole. There has been a lot of argument about this particular shoe looking "ridiculous" due to the black and purple sky design with bolts of lightning ripping across. No one can point out exactly if this design is actually ridiculous in a bad way or a good way. The shoe costs between $61 – $300 depending on your shoe size and the store you buy it from.

3. Reebok Pumpspective Omni Basketball Shoes

Reebok has been a common name for a long time when it comes to basketball apparel. The company has experience in designing shoes and the Reebok pumpspective omni basketball shoes shows off its classic sense of style. The shoes have a black and white coloring which is brightened up by a little squiggle of orange. These shoes still look as good as they did back in 1993. These shoes cost $64 – $161 depending on your shoe size and the store you buy it from.

4. Adidas Performance Isolation 2 Basketball Shoes

The Adidas performance isolation 2 basketball shoes is one of the simplest shoes in terms of style,it also has the Adidas brand trademark of three stripes. These shoes have ethylene vinyl acetate sole that is reactive and cushioning for hours of play. It is also one of the lowest priced shoe on this list as they cost only $39 – $60 depending on your size and the store you buy it from.

5. Under Armor Colorful Anatomic Spawn Basketball Shoes

These UA Cam Basketball Shoes are very bright and can blind the defense while you send shots over their heads! The UA Cam Basketball Shoes are reactive and lightweight, they are also tall and firm enough for offering good ankle support for jumps and sprints. They are a nice basketball shoe for people who can stand the colors. They cost $89 – $112 depending on your shoe size and the store you buy it from.

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