The PUMA Women’s Cell Riaze Cross-Training Shoe Review

If you're anything like me, you're fussy when it comes to sneakers. I'm always on the look out for a good shoe that will provide me with the stability and support I need. But that's not all. I want something that looks AND feels good when on my feet!

The Cell Riaze Cross-Training sneakers for women from PUMA are one of the must-have sneaker brands at the moment, and it's a shoe that's certainly proved popular. But are they worth the money? And what makes them special?


First up, let's look at some of the features of this shoe. I don't need to point out that they're made by PUMA, one of the biggest names in sports fashion. But what makes this shoes different from the countless other brands on the market? Well, they have a mesh and synthetic construction to ensure that your feet remain cool and dry at all times. This sounds pretty good, right? But what's even better is that this technology can help to prevent any embarrassing foot smells (although I have to point out that my feet are never smelly!).

What else? Oh yeah – there's a soft mid heel and sole for additional protection for the foot, and a lacing closure which ensures a snug fit. Don't just take my word for it – one review on describes the shoes as fitting "like a glove", and provide a comfortable arch – perfect if you have flat feet.

Puma Women Cell Riaze


Then there's the all-important question of aesthetics. How do these shoes stack up when it comes to the visual test? Well, they look pretty great, and can be worn with various types of clothing. What's even better is that they're available in various colors. Pretty neat! Talking about workouts, the shoes have been designed to improve and enhance your training at the gym, and they are the perfect accessory for long runs on the treadmill or when jogging in the park. The added cushioning in the heel provides you with shock-absorbing comfort which makes it easier to run on hard sidewalks or rocky terrain.

There's plenty of traction in the shoe, so they come in handy if you're walking over wet surfaces. Sometimes the shoes feel a little heavy, which might be a problem if you enjoy playing certain sports. In fact, one reviewer on Amazon agreed with me, stating that the sneakers were "not for serious athletes".


These shoes from Puma provide your feet with the support you need, and the sole (which is thick and made from rubber) is great for traction. I loved the fact there were so many colors to choose from, and although you might prefer something lighter if you're serious about sport, these sneakers are great for occasional trips to the gym.

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