TF-BK30 Tesla Men’s Trail Running Minimalist Barefoot Shoe


Sometimes the simplest things in life bring the greatest satisfaction. At least this has been my experience with the no-frills minimalist running shoes. When its all about making a bare-bones shoe, it is easy for a manufacturer's final result to come off as cheap and uninspired, but this is certainly not the case with the TF-BK30 Tesla Men's Trail Running Minimalist Barefoot Shoe. My research revealed that this minimalist Tesla shoe has a lot to offer.

What Features Does The TF-BK30 Tesla Men's Shoe Offer?

It's hard to list features in a product that focuses on offering less of everything, but I will give it a shot. Tesla promises that this shoe will fit very snugly, which is the main point behind having a minimalist running shoe – it should essentially fit like a sock and feel like part of your foot. Additionally, the shoe is lightweight (obviously) and is also quite flexible and apparently capable of drying quickly. I was also fascinated to see that, in order to avoid the typical “too small” complaint, the company recommends buying a shoe that is a little bigger than your typical size, and it seems to have satisfied many buyers.


What I Like

Even though they look completely pared down, I found the shoes surprisingly cushy. The shoes are actually very well cushioned, which means they can actually offer the advertised trail running experience excellently. Of course, true to minimalist running shoe ideals, the pair has a thinly cushioned midfoot area, but even then, the comfort level is clearly noticeable, especially due to the reinforced forefoot.

I found out that the flexibility on this shoe is amazing. The sole and the upper are all made to hug your foot as closely as possible and handle whatever motion your feet can make. The anatomical balance this shoe offers will clearly demonstrate what minimalist running shoes are all about, they clearly did for me.

This shoe breathes really well, thanks to the integrated vent mesh upper which reduces surface area and ensures that your foot remains cool as you run along. The shoe also dries pretty fast, which means running in wet weather conditions will not be a problem as would be the case with the thickly cushioned running shoe alternatives.

I like the non-slip grip at the outsole. It gives your feet a good grip.

What I Don't Like

Minimalist design aside, I did not like how thin and poorly designed the shoe's insole was. Even in its best condition, there isn't much between your foot and the ground with this shoe, and a sole that wears out so easily means that you will virtually not have much cushioning after some serious running. So, you might find them a little unsuited for long distance running. I discovered that the overall construction quality of this shoe is not that great either, but for a shoe that costs a fraction of what high-end versions cost, you will still be getting great value for your money.


The TF-BK30 Men's Trail Running Minimalist Barefoot Shoe gets what minimalist design is all about. I like having a great pair of minimalist shoes in my collection, and the TF-BK30 shoe certainly fits the bill, I wouldn't hesitate buying a pair.

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