Salomon Women’s XR Mission Running Shoe

Salomon XR Mission

I love running, lots of women do. Still, unless you are careful with your shopping, you might not get a shoe that will do you justice as a female runner. This is why I have always thought that it is quite fortunate that a brand like Salomon comes up with great women's shoes, and not just as a marketing ploy to capture this significant market segment.

Salomon Women's XR Mission Running Shoe caught my attention for being this kind of shoe. This great shoe totally legitimizes women's trail running by ensuring all their specific anatomical needs are addressed within the shoe's design. But I am getting ahead of myself. Below is a closer look at what Salomon is offering through this shoe model.

The Features

It would seem that whatever Salomon introduces into the world of running, it is sure to turn heads. Salomon Women's XR Mission Running Shoe is no exception. Among its many features is a breathable upper mesh, Sensifit and Sensiflex features for enhancing smooth motion, a foam footbed, the Contagrip feature on the outsole for better traction, and a unique Quicklace system for secure lacing. The shoe's interior is also designed using a molded EVA midsole which, in addition to providing cushioning, ensures that the shoe remains very light.

What I Like

I could not ignore the fact that Salomon Women's XR Mission Running Shoe has a specially designed heel so that it can handle a woman's larger Q angle. This essentially means you will be more comfortable and properly supported as you run in this shoe, something you would not get when using a shoe that uses a different design. If you often suffer from hip or knee injuries with other types of running shoes, this might be the ideal shoe for you. More importantly, with the XR Mission, I realized that you will have better efficiency as a runner for this same design feature.

The shoe also offers plenty of toe protection against bumpy trails. All this is due to the presence of toe caps that ensure that any bumps against rocks or other things along the path will not result in any injuries that could cut your run short.

Even though the shoes are specifically made for trail running, they can still serve you well on other running tracks. So, whether you are running on asphalt, grass, or an off-road track, you will be glad you have this shoe. The support and comfort they offer, as well as the ability to make a stable contact with running services, are universal to all running services. This is something I really appreciate in a shoe, as it means that in a single pair of running shoes, I have shoes that can serve all my varied running needs.

What I Don't Like

This shoe seems to run a little big, and is a little in favor of people with wide feet. While with most other running shoes it is usually advisable to order a size up, with the XR Mission Running Shoe, even your regular size might prove to be a little big. But I can tell you that if you manage to get this shoe in a size that fits you perfectly, you will have gotten a real gem.

What I Think

In conclusion, I think Salomon Women's XR Mission Running Shoe is one of the best shoes you can have in your collection as a runner. Its special design tweaks certainly make it one of my favorites, and I am seriously considering getting myself a pair soon.

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