Review of Nike Men’s Air Max Tavas Fashion/Running Sneaker


Even though performance is my first priority when it comes to buying sneakers, I also like having a shoe that looks stylish when all I want is a casual look as I go about my everyday business. Many shoes usually end up compromising on one of these goals in their attempt to enhance the other. But in Nike's Men's Air Max Tavas Fashion/Running Sneakers, I found a perfect blend of both casual style and athletic functionality. This is why I am quite excited by what this shoe has to offer. Here's why:

If you want a good shoe for casual wear, but also do quite a bit of running, this shoe might just be what you need. Looking at the shoe, you will definitely appreciate its stylish look. But once you slip it into your feet and tie the laces, you will notice that it was made for a lot more than walking to social appointments. This shoe can help you accomplish serious athletic endeavors, including serious running workouts. So, you will basically be getting two shoes for the price of one with this special pair of Nike sneakers.

What I Like

I like that these Nike shoes are easy to clean. Some Nike running shoes tend to offer their users the double tragedy of attracting dirt easily and being challenging to clean. Not this pair of Max Tavas. They might get dirty easily, especially if you go for bright colors such as white and emerald, but they will not give you trouble during cleaning. A quick brush off or wiping with a moist cloth should make them look as good as new, thanks to the non-absorbent outer fabric. I personally think that this is one of their strongest selling points; and I think anyone else who runs regularly, particularly on dirt tracks, shares this opinion.

Additionally, I like how they are able to offer solid sporting functionality regardless of their obvious casual appeal. Generally, sports shoes that try to cater to casual wear tastes end up overlooking critical sporting aspects in the design, making them almost unsuitable for sports like running. I like that this is not the case with Nike Men's Air Max Tavas Fashion/Running Sneakers. Do they look good enough to walk around in? Yes, they do. But they also offer features such as flexibility and support, which are critical in any half-decent running shoe.

The color choices are really plentiful for this pair of shoes. I have noticed that manufacturers tend to put considerable limitations on color choices when selling men's athletic shoes. However, while many athletic shoes, even when they are clearly focused on casual wearers, often have half a dozen color choices, with Nike Men's Air Max Tavas, you will get a choice of nearly two dozen colors. This is something I wish happened more often.

What I Don't Like

I like wearing a pair of breathable shoes while I do my daily running exercises. Unfortunately, this pair is not one of them. The shoe material consists of non-breathable synthetic that can really make your feet sweat. Only the front part features a closely meshed fabric, but it is still not great for letting your feet get a little air as you pound along the running track. 


As a runner, and a fan of casual wear, I have to say Nike Men's Air Max Tavas Fashion/Running Sneakers are certainly very high in my list of potential purchases the next time I order a pair of running shoes.

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