Review of ASICS Men’s GT-2000 3 Running Shoe


My love for running aside, I love wearing a great pair of running shoes. This really boosts my morale, which is why I am always looking if I can find a shoe that looks and feels great. So, I was quite excited the first time I saw ASICS Men's GT-2000 3 Running Shoe, I'll tell you why:


To hear ASICS explain the shoe's features, you would purchase them without a moment's hesitation. Here's the pitch: The GT-2000 3 Running shoes feature Dynamic DuoMax support system which enhances stability and support, a vertical flex groove for better gait efficiency, ASICS GEL-Cushioning for ultimate shock protection… The list goes on and on. To their credit, this shoe has plenty to keep mild, moderate, and even serious runners happy.

What I Like

I love that this shoe is very stable. This is partly because the shoe features a great sole, which is ergonomically tweaked to embrace the foot in its most natural position. ASICS says that the unique level of stability comes from the shoe's Dynamic DuoMax support system. I am no expert, but this outsole feature apparently makes the shoe stable and even lighter. The GT-2000 3 is lighter than its predecessor GT-2000 2.  Whatever the case, it works – you will not be disappointed. The company also says that the Impact Guidance System, another innovative feature, helps improve the stability of this running shoe by helping you retain a more natural gait as your foot strikes the running path.

This shoe has an impact protection feature, and I really like it. Many shoes, purely due to poor design, often result in injuries to the runners' feet. Others will simply not do much to protect your feet while you run, which can work against you if you have to deal with a sensitive foot condition as you run. But these shoes go beyond the call of duty to protect your feet from potentially injurious impact, which should come in handy when running on hard surfaces such as asphalt for extended periods of time like I typically do.

The shoe is generally a great improvement on preceding models. I have come to realize that, nowadays, the possibility of a new shoe model being better than its older siblings is something of a coin toss. This is why I think it is great that this shoe has been able to make some improvements to the GT-2000 line, which many serious runners hold in very high regard.


What I Don't Like

The GT line has had a great legacy, and in many ways, this pair of ASICS running shoes honors this great tradition. But I noticed that this pair represents a decline in some respects. For instance, while the shoe is generally very comfortable, some redesigning has resulted in some areas experiencing a noticeably reduced level of comfort. In particular, the feet rests on a noticeably harder surface with this shoe, even though, ironically, the shoe is very stable and good at handling footfall impacts.

To Summarize

When it is all said and done, ASICS Men's GT-2000 3 Running Shoes offer a very good value proposition, and any runner would be lucky to own a pair. This is why I might grab myself the GT-2000 running shoe myself; it is quite good.

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