Review of ASICS Men’s Gel Kayano 21 Running Shoe


ASICS' Men's GEL Kayano 21 running shoe is a work of art. At least that's what caught my attention as I scoured the Internet to see which running shoes are all the rage at the moment. As a runner, I like a functional shoe, but what gets your attention first is how they look. So, I did further investigation on the Kayano 21, and this is what I found about this stunning pair of running shoes.

ASICS Men's GEL Kayano 21 Running Shoes have a number of proprietary innovations. They include an impact guidance system, bounce back cushioning, and what the company calls a FluidFit multi-directional upper among other features. Personally, I found the shoe quite comfortable and well-designed for regular running.

What I Like

ASICS is known for its great running shoe designs, but even so, I feel that this shoe deserves special recognition in this regard. The outsole is elaborately designed with several functional and yet exciting tweaks that give it a compelling sporty look. The upper is made using synthetic material accented with other features that give it better physical form and make it more attractive. The inside is also very well designed. This shoe will nestle your foot superbly and enable you to enjoy your running more.

It comes in many colors.



I like the bounce back cushioning feature, it sort of urges you on with ever step. First of all, let me say that this shoe has lots of cushioning, but it is not all meant for comfort. This particular form of cushioning won my admiration because it makes the shoe better when you want more explosiveness on the track. Many shoe brands try to incorporate this feature in their designs, but its execution on the Kayano 21 is truly noteworthy. This might be because the shoe is so well balanced in other respects that the impact of this intuitive feature can be felt. 

What I Didn't Like

Despite having a premium price, I found the shoe's quality a little questionable. I am not saying that the shoe does not feel like high-end running shoes should, it is just that this shoe is made using lower-quality, but otherwise well designed parts. So, don't be surprised if it begins to fall apart after you use if for a few weeks. I think this is surprising because I know of ASICS running shoes within this price range that offer impressive durability, even under intensive running demands.

Something You Should Know About ASICS Men's GEL Kayano

I don't like that this shoe feels like its sized differently from previous models. In ASICS defence, this is essentially due to the use of a bulkier sock liner. Although it adds to the shoe's level of comfort, it makes it feel smaller. So, if you have been wearing a snug pair of Kayanos in the past, this shoe, in a similar size, will feel a little uncomfortable to your feet. Therefore, you might want to go half a size up to get a comfortable version of it. From my experience, however, I would say that if you were comfortable in a previous iteration's sizing, the same size will work out great with the Kayano 21 as well, but it will fit a bit more snugly. 


ASICS Men's GEL Kayano 21 Running Shoe is very well designed, and that makes it one of my most favorite running shoes at the moment.

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