Review of New Balance Men’s MX608V4 Training Shoe

New Balance MX608V4

Training is my thing, but as any fan of this form of workout can confirm, you can't enjoy this sport without a great pair of shoes. The thing is, if you love training, you have to be good at picking your gear as well. As I was looking around, I came across New Balance Men's MX608V4 Training Shoes. As a brand, New Balance needs no introduction, it is a legend in this industry. As for the MX608V4 Training Shoe, here's what came up from my research.

What You Should Know About The Shoe

The alphanumerically named shoe model is advertised as being made of leather and rubber. New Balance explains that this is a training shoe with a suede upper, but also featuring a dual-density collar and a padded mesh tongue. In all honesty, this shoe looks more like a lifestyle sneaker, and the company clearly had this group of buyers in mind considering their leading color variation in the lineup is all-white, a look that enjoys lots of traction in popular culture as part of casual wear.

It is common for fitness shoe brands to throw the word mesh around when talking about their products, as this shoe does. For many people, mesh alludes to breathability. But take it from me, this shoe has a leather covering, and while the tongue certainly features mesh fabric, you should know that there is quite a bit of difference between this shoe and a version that can convincingly claim to have a breathable upper.

What I Like

I liked the options New Balance offers with this shoe. If your feet are a little wider than normal, this shoe has precisely what you need. In addition to normal feet width, you can order a shoe in 2E and 4E size for a better fit. Few shoe brands make the effort to take care of our wider-footed fitness colleagues, which is why I found it quite thoughtful of New Balance to have size variations for all wearers.

I was happy with the way the shoe's lugs were designed. A training shoe should be able to handle quite a bit of situations, which calls for a design profile that favors stability with as little compromise as possible when it comes to traction. The lugs on this shoe may not be very prominent, but they offer very good traction. Besides, these lugs ensure that you have better control over your balance as you do your workouts.

What I Don't Like

For most part, New Balance had it figured out when making the MX608V4. The only area where they seemed to have slacked off is when it comes to the quality of the sole. The leather upper can take a lot, but the sole is a different story altogether. A few months of usage might result in the sole starting to fall apart. The shoe also seems to have been put together a little hurriedly, which is in contrast to the company's legacy in this space.

For an otherwise high-end and great shoe, poor workmanship seems to be a major issue, especially for hardcore trainers looking for something to help them reach the next level in fitness. However, I can assure you that if all you need is a casual shoe to walk around in all day, you will get very good value for your money here.

To Sum Up

New Balance Men's MX608V4 Training Shoes are great for training, while they last. Although the construction quality does not render them to intensive workouts, they are still pretty good shoes for moderate training and casual wear, which is why I might get myself a pair after all – many opposing brands have nothing on the comfort and stability the MX608V4s have to offer, and that's good enough for me.

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