New Balance Men’s 574 Classics Running Shoe

New Balance Classics 574-burgundy

As a runner, I have come to deeply appreciate the shot in the arm a great pair of running shoes can give me as I step outside for a run. The leading brands always seem to come up with such shoes, which is how I stumbled on the New Balance Men's 574 Classics Running Shoe. Despite its confident retro look, the shoe proved to me that good things come in many forms. Here's what my recent research into the New Balance Men's 574 Classic Running Shoe showed me.


New Balance certainly got the retro look right, I give them full credit on the feat. Otherwise, the list of features includes a leather and mesh construction, a man-made sole, a carbon rubber outsole for better traction, a heel cushion and a foam midsole among other features. You will also get enough color choices to ensure you reminisce on the future in your favorite idea of a classic sneaker.

What I Like

I like the classic look, but with the modern comfort. The shoe has plenty of highlights when it comes to comfort to warrant a special mention in a footwear genre that has to focus on comfort. For one, if you have wide feet, this shoe will have your special needs addressed. That said, those who typically find themselves having to complain about limited toe space, I included, will have nothing of the sort to speak of with this classic pair of running shoes. Did I mention that they are really light? Yes. Despite the sentimental classic look and generous cushioning on both the upper and insole, this shoe is very lightweight, I was literally rearing to go the moment I put them on because all I could feel was the soft cuddly interior.

The 574 will perfectly serve the dual-role of being a sports shoe as well as a casual shoe. The classic appeal, especially in its exciting range of colors, makes this shoe a definite head-turner. Function and aesthetics is not something that usually comes together with many sports shoes, but with this shoe, this is clearly apparent. In fact, I feel that I should warn you that you might end up getting this shoe for its looks rather than its racetrack potential. But the good thing is, its ability to deliver on a running track will still leave you impressed. In any case, if you also want a pair you can spend all day in, the shoe's ample comforts and proper sizing will ensure that you never feel like wearing any other shoe for quite a while after you get these New Balance classics.

What I Don't Like

In many ways, New Balance got things right with the New Balance Men's 574 Classic Running Shoe. Unfortunately, it does not appear that this shoe is build to last. The sole is a little flimsy, and a few months of running will certain begin to show prominently through the loss of the lugs on the sole. Luckily, the sole is a little thick, which means it can put in quite a bit of life before you have to ditch the pair altogether.


What's not to love about the retro look of the New Balance Men's 574 Running Shoe? This shoe can offer tangible results on the tracks and make a strong fashion statement, which is why I think I'll own a pair soon.

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