My Review of Nike’s Men Flex 2015 Running Shoe

Nike Men Flex 2015

By Jeff White

Running is my passion, so, as you can imagine, I am often on the lookout for the best running shoes in the market. One of the shoes that have grabbed my attention lately is the Nike Men's Flex 2015 Running Shoe. After researching it a little, I found the following:

This shoe may be the best choice for those who run or workout every day. I mean, it’s so durable that it will keep its shape even if you use it every day for several months. Now, I do suggest you buy a size bigger than your actual size. Nike shoes are usually small. You can also visit a local store and try them on to see which size is best for you. If you don’t buy a size higher, you may have to stretch the shoe the first few days to make it a little wider. Thankfully, the shoes do break in within a week.

What I Like

The design is really beautiful. The sole is always white, but the upper part of the shoe comes in many different colors. My favorite is black.

Another thing I like is that they are very light. For me, that makes all the difference. I run every day 5 miles so a heavy shoe would not feel comfortable at all. The Nike Men’s Flex is lighter than Asics running shoes.

Finally, I like the support they offer. Many people say that you can clearly feel the forward “push” that the shoe gives you while running. I think this is because the sole stores energy which the shoe releases with every step you make.


What I Don’t Like

The shoe has some holes that are supposed to allow the air to circulate inside the shoe, allowing your feet to “breath”. The idea is brilliant, but the ventilation effect is unfortunately not noticeable. After working out for a while, you may feel the temperature rising. I don’t like my feet to stay too hot, so that’s a concern.

Another thing I don’t like: If you want your shoes to be and stay always clean, the Nike Men’s Flex shoe may not be for you. This is because they tend to attract dirt.

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