My Review Of Nike Women’s Flex 2014 Rn Running Shoe


Like many other women, running is one of my greatest passions. Once in a while, I go out there to see the latest running shoes popular brands have to offer to their legions of female sporting fans. In my recent research, I came across Nike Women's Flex 2014 Rn Running Shoe, and here's what I found out:

Of course, for us ladies, it is not just about comfort and support as is typically the case with the fellas. So, happy as I was that this pair of women's running shoes offered all these benefits, I was equally thrilled that Nike was able to give them a distinctive feminine look. Obviously, there are several dozen color combos available with this pair of running shoes, including those that feature pink, my personal favorite.

What I Like

The feminine design. This might sound trivial, but it is nice owning a pair of shoes that so perfectly complements your unique style as a lady. You will feel proud to be seen in a pair of these shoes, whether you are running or just wearing them casually with a nice pair of jeans. Trust me, if not for anything else, you will love Nike Women's Flex 2014 Rn Running Shoes for their looks.


I also found out that the shoe is very comfy. They fit like a glove, and thanks to their breathable and plush interior, they offer a unique level of comfort. Don't be surprised if you find it hard to resist wearing them every day, which should be great for you if you work out everyday.

The shoe is very versatile. This shoe is not just good for running – it also works with sports like kick-boxing, cycling, and walking. Of course, it will be an important part of your casual wear as well. Even if you are a cross-fit trainer, this shoe will work out perfectly for you. This is a good thing to have in a shoe, since most people engage in more than one sporting activity. Their light weight and ergonomic design certainly helps with this, and believe me, you will appreciate owning this shoe when you are wondering what to wear while going out or engaging in other activities besides running.

What I Don't Like

The shoe is not very durable, even by Nike standards. Chances are that you need to use this shoe very regularly, especially in your running. I really appreciate durability in every shoe I buy, which is why I go for brands like Nike because they don't fall short in this regard. Unfortunately, while this pair will not exactly fall apart in days, don't expect it to deliver as much mileage as most Nike shoes you have owned in the past.

I also don't like that the shoe does not have a very flexible sole. As with any other runner out there, I like a shoe that works with my feet, not against them. Unfortunately, with this pair, don't expect very good arch support. As a matter of fact, you might find them digging into your feet and making them sore due to the hard arch area of the sole, particularly if you run a couple of miles at a go.

Just To Sum Up

As far as running shoes go, Nike Women's Flex 2014 Rn Running Shoe is a great pair. This shoe also has the looks and features to serve you well in other areas, which is one of the reasons I might not resist my current urge to order myself a pair soon.

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