My Review of Nike Men’s Toki Low TXT Sneakers


I have come to learn that I have a secret love for casual shoes. Otherwise, why would I constantly stay on the lookout for the latest pair of cool sneakers? Anyway, my latest research brought to my attention Nike's Men's Toki Low TXT Sneakers. Upon further investigation, I found out the following about this pair of fashionable sneakers:

This is the everyday on-the-go shoe!

Nike intended to impress its casual wear fans with this shoe. Everything—the design, the style, and the general aesthetics of this shoe—will make you fall in love with it. The shoe's most notable features include the fact that it will go easy on your foot, thanks to a flexible sole. This should be a relief for those who suffer from sore feet for wearing shoes that have relatively stiff soles.

What I Like

They are very stylish. Nike's appreciation that its shoes are not just bought for their athletic suitability is apparent in the way they made this pair. Whatever you choose to wear them with, the Toki Low TXT Sneakers will certainly do their part to improve your look. Of course, the sporty appeal, even with the exquisite casual styling, helps make these shoes more attractive.

There is real quality here. The Nike Men's Toki Low TXT Sneakers are made using very good quality material. So, they should hold up pretty well to regular use. I like this in a shoe, especially when they look as good as this pair is. Some shoes, despite being a little pricey, tend to break down in no time at all. Durability is especially critical for shoes that are to be worn for extended periods of time. I like that they don't dirty easily. Nike shoes have been getting a bad rep for attracting dirt too easily, but this pair is a fitting exception. The choice of colors will obviously also help you in this regard as well since you can pick a pair that features plain basic colors that don't show dirt as much. If you are one of those people with wide feet who always feels that shoe brands can't be bothered to make shoes that fit you comfortably, a pair of Nike Men's Toki Low TXT Sneakers will prove you wrong. Even so, the shoes are are still perfect for people of regular feet, but overall, those with wide feet will see a noticeably better level of comfort while wearing these shoes.


What I Don't Like

I don't like that these shoes do not offer very good arch support. Don't get me wrong – the shoe is very comfortable for regular use. However, the sole does not feature a very ergonomic design, which is necessary in a good running shoe—it is basically flat rubber. For moderate walking, this might not be a big deal, but if you do some serious walking, your feet might scream from the lack of supportive sole arches.

In Conclusion

Are Nike Men's Toki Low TXT Sneakers worth buying? Definitely yes. In fact, I might grab myself a pair soon – not many casual sneakers are this good.

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