My Review Of Nike Men’s Roshe Run Sneakers

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I love running, and naturally, that comes with a lingering desire to find the best running shoes out there. Lately, the shoe that has grabbed my attention is a pair of Nike Men's Roshe Run Sneakers. I have had a closer look at this pair of sneakers, and so far, I am pleasantly surprised by what it has to offer.

You will absolutely love this shoe if comfort is something you rank highly when it comes to running shoes. With the Nike Roshe Run Sneakers, you can run without socks and still have a great time indulging this beloved workout. If you are new to Nike shoes, you ought to know that they tend to undersize their shoes, so, go for a size or so above your size. The fabric also tends to be a bit of a dust magnet. So, try to be a little more discriminating in your color choices. 


What I Like

The shoe is very light, something you will truly appreciate as a runner. After several minutes of running, I really start to feel the weight of the shoe, so it really helps that this is not one of the things I have to worry about with these Nike sneakers.

I also have to admit that the shoes' level of comfort totally won me over. The rubber sole, cushioned soles, and other ergonomic comforts will make you love the feel of this shoe on your feet. I honestly don't think these Nike sneakers have a lot of competition in this regard.

I really like that these Nike sneakers come in a very broad choice of colors. There are at least a couple of dozen color choices to pick from. My personal favorite is the Black/White color combo. I feel it gives the shoe a distinctive athletic look, thanks to the black fabric paired with a white sole.

The Roshe Run Sneakers will not only do well when you are out running, but also during general use. Personally, even if all I wanted was a pair of sneakers I could spend a summer's day in, I would still go for these Nike shoes. They will go well with most casual wear, and their “breathable” and judiciously economical fabric certainly adds to their appropriateness as general use shoes.


What I Don't Like

Nike scored a definite win when it comes to comfort with the Roshe Run Sneakers, but this also resulted in a noticeable compromise on quality. If they fit too tightly, you may find your toes tearing through the fabric. Just a pointer – I'd trim my toenails first before slipping into these shoes, it might very well be the only way you can keep them intact. Oh, also go up a size or so while at it, a tight fit might have the shoes bursting at the seams, literally. 

There's one other thing: the shoe is pretty light, which is good. Unfortunately, in order to achieve this, Nike was economical on the use of fabric. So, don't expect this to be the most durable pair of running shoes you have every owned. For me, a shoe's ability to hold its own over the long term is a big deal. That said, Nike Roshe Run Sneakers can still offer a decent life of service. So, issues with their durability are still not a deal breaker for me with this pair, but they are still a concern.


As far as the Nike Men's Roshe Run Sneakers are concerned, I am not afraid to say that I am completely sold. I certainly consider these shoes one of the pairs I am most likely to bring home the next time I purchase a pair of running shoes. 

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