My Review Of Nike Men’s Dart 11 Running Shoe


My love for running runs deep. So, it should come as no surprise to anybody that I always have an ear to the ground with the hope of finding the next best running shoe – and I bet any half-decent runner out there does. That's how I came to learn of the Nike Men's Dart 11 Running Shoes. In case you didn't know, Nike has been offering iterations to the Dart line for some time now, and in that period, each successive Dart sibling has been awaited in deep anticipation by those who have come to swear by the shoe since its launch. After a little more digging about this Dart, the following information came up:

First, if you are as serious about your running as I am, you should seriously consider getting a pair of Nike Men's Dart 11 Running Shoes; they are perfectly built to fill this role. Also, the shoe looks the part as far as running shoes go, is sized properly, and is robust enough to handle whatever you can throw at it, within reason. 

What I Like

This pair of Nike running shoes is pretty solid. Truthfully, Nike needs no introduction in the world of elite sporting, including athletic sports such as running. I have to say that this pair clearly honors this glowing legacy by offering a shoe that is balanced in all ways to ensure all your efforts on the tracks pay off. I know for a fact that some running shoes have a way of getting in your way in some way of another – these running shoes will not.

The shoe is suitably sized. In reality, this should not be a feature on which to evaluate a shoe's quality. After all, shoe brands should know to make shoes that are true to size. However, it is typical for Nike shoes to attract complaints about being a little smaller than their claimed size. I believe in giving credit where it is due, which is why I have no problems reporting that you will not have sizing problems with the Nike Men's Dart 11 Running Shoes. The worst you can expect is a slightly snug pair of running shoes.

The Nike Men's Dart 11 Running Shoe looks good. I am fairly confident many people will be won over by its looks alone. So, don't be surprised if you want a spare pair you can wear with your favorite jeans when going out on casual appointments. The shoe has a very sporty look, in no small part because it has a very creatively molded rubber sole adorned with various functional and yet beautiful rubber accents. The fabric has also been created using an innovative design with stylish reinforcements that will earn looks of admiration from those who see it. 

What I Don't Like

I hate having to do this, but I have to be honest about what I did not like much about this otherwise perfect pair of Nike running shoes. The width is a little on the low side. So, if you have feet that are a little wider than average, you might not enjoy the comfort every other buyer might be getting by wearing the Dart 11 Running shoes.

In Summary

Nike Men's Dart 11 Running Shoes clearly have a lot of what I look for in a good pair of running shoes. I honestly see no reason why I should not have a pair of these shoes in my shoe rack soon.

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