Is Puma Suede Classic Sneaker The Most Iconic Sports-Inspired Model?

As a lover of old-school sneakers and footwear, I have always been fascinated with researching different types of brands and options that exist in the market. Whether they are old designs that I did not know of before or new products that have just flooded the market, it does not hurt to know your wear. The Puma suede classic sneaker recently caught my attention and after looking through its specs and the value which it offers, there is quite a lot to admire in the shoe. Nonetheless, people have different requirements in footwear and it is important to evaluate all the features.

Puma Suede Classic

What features are offered?

Puma is a reputable and world leading athletic brand that is known to fuse influences from sports, fashion and lifestyle. The suede classic sneaker is only one in their wide range of footwear. It depicts various trademark characteristics as well as a couple of enhancements that make it unique. When inspecting the quality of a sneaker, the most important things I consider first are fit, comfort, support and then style and durability. These are what I use to describe any sneaker I find including Puma’s suede classic shoes.

  • The fit – This sneaker has a laced up closure which is quite admirable and anyone who has had fit issues know that laces will always solve the problem. A laced closure offers secure fit and all you need to do if find a size that fits your foot then lace up according to your favorite style. For me, a secure fit with lace in a sneaker is something to appreciate and Puma did well with their shoe.
  • Comfort and support – These two aspects go hand in hand since support is part of comfort. The sneaker features a cushioned midsole which offers a soft feel and comfort when walking. Sneakers are not supposed to have too many frills and those that do only seek to hike prices. For comfort matters, cushioned midsole, appropriate sole size and smooth feel when worn (without socks) is all you need. What’s more, there is a padded collar and tongue for comfort at every feel.
  • Style and durability – A perfect style that is not durable has no value to offer. Similarly, durable shoes that look ridiculous should be worn for manual labor and not as fashionable sneakers. The smooth suede finish of Puma’s classic sneaker brings in some old-school swagger and street throw-back which I really liked. The blackish suede, white Puma overlay strip and white sole is a perfect blend to keep it simple and stylish. In terms of durability, Puma is a reputable and while my shoes are still fairly new, I strongly hope they will last to the last cent.

Customer reviews

Customer insights and reviews are important metrics to check out when looking to purchase sneakers. It is good to learn from other people’s experiences and what they think of the shoe. There are over 1200 reviews for the sneaker and most people just appreciate the old-school style and comfort. You definitely feel cool and relaxed in the suede classic sneakers.


The Puma suede classic sneakers are simply great shoes. Nonetheless, be careful on the size. Your normal fit size in other shoes is slightly bigger so you may experience slight tightness for the first wear. You can add 0.5 when making an order and if you still want the exact size, try it out. It can be returned if it does not fit.

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