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Lomtez is a personal style blog written and edited by Julie. To generate some revenue that will pay for the hosting fees and the content of the site, I do work with some advertising companies and merchants. Specifically, I am affiliated with FinishLine.com and 6pm.com. That means if you purchase an item from these two sites after visiting Lomtez, then I will receive a commission. All money made from affiliate links is re-invested in the content of this blog.

The products featured in this blog are products I would purchase myself. I will not endorse any item that I don't love and I will always disclose when I blog about a product has been given to me as a gift.

I feel grateful that you visited and supported my little tiny corner on the web!

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This blog does not keep any information about its visitors other than your email and your website address when you leave a comment. This information is not shared with any other party. The site does store cookies in your browser, like most other sites do, in order to help webmasters analyze a site's performance. You can turn cookies off at any time by modifying your browser's settings. This privacy policy may change without notice.

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