Black Friday Shoe Shopping Tips


Get Ready, Get Set…

Do you hear that? Listen closely and you might hear the sound of rustling paper intermingling with the frantic thumping of a million racing hearts? What is that, you ask? Well, it's the millions of excited women (and men) who are anxiously huddled over their Black Friday shopping ads. What is it about this wild "holiday" that brings out the crazed shopper in some of us? I'm all for getting a great deal, especially when it comes to shoes, but put me in a store with hundreds of sleep-deprived shoe-hoarders, and my patience will quickly run out.

So, I tip my hat to all you courageous men and women out there who enjoy the thrill of the hunt, and the following Black Friday shoe-shopping tips are just for you. Enjoy! 


  1. Map it. If possible, go to the store (or stores) where you plan to shop and memorize the layout (or draw a map on a sheet of paper). Unless the store clerks decide to move the sale items around at the last minute, you should be able to get in and out of the store quickly with your goods if you know exactly where they're located before they unlock the doors.
  2. Shop for the oldies but goodies. Yes, Black Friday might be the perfect time to buy those six inch stilettos you've been pining after for months, and if you want to go that route, then by all means do it, but this once a year event is also great for stocking up on your classic favorites that have become old and threadbare. Winter is here, so why not consider renewing your old boots for a new pair to go along with your stylish winter wardrobe? If your chocolate brown pair is still in good condition, then opt for a black pair instead. 
  3. Dress accordingly. If you're going to be on your feet all day braving the crowds, then you may as well dress for the occasion by wearing comfortable shoes. Slippers and ballet flats might seem like the right choice for comfort, but if someone steps on your toes (which they probably will), then you'll end up wishing you had worn some sturdy boots or sneakers. And, by all means, don't wear high heels! If you're going to brave Black Friday with the best of them, then you better dress for battle. 
  4. Just do it. Okay, so you've checked your shoe stash and everything looks good. All of your old reliables are still in great condition and nothing needs to be replaced. In that case, go ahead and grab that gutsy pair of stilettos you've been wanting. Purchase something you've never considered buying before. Be bold and adventurous. 
  5. Just stay home. With the increasing popularity of online stores and social media, most retailers have resorted to drastically cutting prices online for Black Friday shopping, so if you're not into fighting the crowds, then stay in your pajamas, pour yourself a mug of hot chocolate, and get your shopping done in the comfort of your own home. This also counts for Cyber Monday (the Monday after Thanksgiving), when you can find even more fabulous deals online. 

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