ASICS Womens Gel Noosa Tri 9 Running Shoe, an Independent Review

by Jeff Glosson

Womens ASICS Gel Noosa Tri 9 Running shoe

In writing this review it is important to point out why I purchased these running shoes. My wife, who is a prolific triathlon contendor, needed a new pair of running shoes after having a somewhat long break from her sporting activities, due to injury. Specifically, this meant that she was looking for footwear that appealed to her individual unique character but at the same time, satisfied her need for adequate support and functionality based around well engineered footwear technology.

Further to what I would call extensive research, I happened upon the "ASICS Gel Noosa Tri 9" running shoe, of course, for women. A shoe whose appearance immediately jumped out at me for its bold, edgy and dynamic appearance. It was advised on many reviews that I purchase half a size larger than normal which I did, and which fit my wife like a glove.


Inside the shoe I noticed the perforated sock-liner which securely holds the foot in place while allowing air to circulate and thus, reduces moisture. I remembered these are a good feature from my days playing soccer!

On the outside there is a seamless construction. This is a good benefit as it means that versus other shoe designs which lack this, the potential for friction and irritability is vastly reduced. There is an open mesh upper, again, allowing fresh air to the foot. The Asics design logo also glows in the dark, an added safety feature when running at night.

As previously mentioned, there was a need for support as my wife eased back into training. The underneath of the shoe to the heal boasts a rear foot gel cushioning system. The underneath also contains a technology called "Impact Guidance System" or ("I.G.S") which utilizes the foots natural gate when it lifts off from a step (from heel touch point to toe-off) and also something referred to as the "Dynamic Duomax Support System" (this basically enhances stability and support during movement of the foot). These three features alone meant that my wife's comfort and support needs would be surpassed!

Once again, looking at the bottom of the shoe there are features which include a "Propulsion Trusstic" which sounds a bit space aged but basically means that it mirrors the connective tissue in the foot to create tension, thus engaging the propulsion stage of the foot lift off. Importantly, on the front of the shoe underneath, we see a an extra safety feature in the form of a wet grip outsole. This means that when running in the rain or damp weather, your ability to slip is drastically reduced.

Overall this shoe offers a very well put together individual design, championing cutting edge technology in a very lightweight (approximately 10 ounces depending on size), supportive and stable design. My wife was impressed!

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