A Review of ASICS Women’s GEL Noosa Tri 10 Running Shoes


As a runner, one of my greatest milestones in my fitness journey came from knowing that running shoes can help me get a full reward for my efforts on the track and even enjoy my hobby more. It does not hurt that some of these shoes look really great, and are able to turn heads on and off the tracks. Somehow, I feel that ASICS Women's GEL Noosa Tri 10 Running Shoes effortlessly achieve this. I'll try to explain this further based on what my research into the shoe brought up. 

What's Special About This Shoe?

The list of features is not unlike what you would expect of a high-end shoe model at this price point. The usual specs are all there: a synthetic upper, a rubber sole, cushioning, and other innovations supposed to make this shoe a godsend to those of us who can't resist the urge to cover a few miles of running every day. In general, I can only say that whatever ASICS did to make this a great running shoe, it worked. 

What I Like

The outsole traction on this shoe is amazing, and not just for some trails. I discovered that the shoe held up nicely to road running as well as trail running. On asphalt, the shoe will deliver without fail. The shoe will also remain comfortable as you run on natural tracks, where some shoes tend to slip on some of the uneven parts of the road. So, small pebbles, pieces of sticks and other potential bothers on a nature trail should not get in your way if you are running in this pair of ASICS running shoes.


I loved that these shoes are very breathable, all because they feature a mesh forefoot. This feature ensures that your feet are comfortable throughout your run. I imagine that this pair of shoes can perfectly handle winter running as well as summer running, when the sun can be scalding. So, your feet will not have to be trapped in a sweaty hell as you run in hot weather. 

I was very pleased with the physical design and the look this running shoe spots. To be honest, I couldn't resist the vibrant colors, intricate and yet intriguing designs, and other beautiful adornments on this shoe if I wanted to; and I really love that in a shoe. This is because I know that few things can get my running morale up faster than putting on a pair of beautiful running shoes that complement my efforts and win me envious glances at the same time. In general, there are just seven color choices to pick from, all of which are really mesmerizing. Trust me, whether you get a brightly colored flash yellow/turquoise/flash pink pair of the Tri 10, or the more demure but equally striking black/beach/violet color combo version with its seemingly glowing accents on the upper, you will be proud of your purchase.


What I Don't Like

I noticed that the shoe runs a bit small when it comes to size. Fortunately, this does not mean you should pass up on a chance to own this beautiful pair of shoes, you just need to go half a size or so higher to enjoy a better fit.


ASICS Women's GEL Noosa Tri 10 Running Shoes are very beautiful, and this is not even surpassed by their impressive output on the running tracks. I'll make a point of owning a pair soon, since this is clearly one of the best-looking pair of shoes I have seen in a while.

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